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Consultation & Representation

There are many reasons why people need to relocate to new cities.  Jobs, family or lifestyle changes are just a few.  Perhaps you are considering purchasing an investment property in a city outside where you currently live.  To help you make these types of decisions, you need a well-informed local expert who can help guide you.  Someone who knows first-hand because they are local and they have in-depth area knowledge.  Like a Sherpa.


We believe that with the help of local, highly skilled and experienced professional guides, making these types of changes can be done more efficiently and with less stress so you can focus on the details that are important to you.


We have a strong partnership, and a network of professional agents who can get you where you want to go.

 We have experience with many different types of real estate needs and have a successful history of helping people relocate outside of their current area.

Our strategic selling conversation covers:

  • Preparation

  • Project Management

  • Disclosure Compliance

  • Offer Negotiation

  • Contract to Close Support

  • Escrow Management

  • On Time Escrow Closure

  • Relocation Partners

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