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Retirement Resources

To move or not to move: that's a BIG question.

Those wishing to explore moving in retirement may want to look at many different factors in choosing a new location:

  • Cost of living

  • Climate

  • Things to do

  • Access to the best medical facilities

  • Transportation and Traffic​

Considering the Sacramento Region?

Sacramento Cost of Living is 33% Lower


                Housing costs are 57% lower

                Transportation costs are 8% lower

                Food costs are 11% lower

                Entertainment costs are 9% lower

                Healthcare costs are 15% lower

Source: Nerd Wallet San Francisco vs. Sacramento May 2018

Retirement Moves

Almost 2/3 of retirees have moved for retirement or expect to move.

Retiree Survey Responses About Moving Graph

30% of retirees who have moved have opted for bigger homes.

Source: Merrill Lynch / Age Wave study

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