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Don't be Homeless!

When you're moving outside of your home territory to a new region, selling in one area and buying in another, it can get complicated. A lot is riding on coordinating the selling of one property and buying another. What if you sell your property, but you haven't found another yet? What if the home you're selling falls out of escrow because your buyer loses her job, but you are committed to a purchase in another city? What if your house sells quickly and the seller for the property you're purchasing backs out?

Without fail, most property transactions in different areas are handled by different agents, usually at different brokerages and often by people who don't know or necessarily trust each other.

Did you find your buyer's agent on Zillow? Did you know that any licensed agent can advertise on Zillow? They can be brand spanking new and have no experience! The agent on the selling side may be trying to play a game where they get both sides of the transaction. It's not illegal, but they are putting their financial interests ahead of yours.

We've created ReloSherpas because we're experienced agents with a high degree of integrity that believe in a higher level of service with a fiduciary duty to accept a higher level of responsibility, exceptional communication between agents, title companies, and lenders, anticipating your needs, mitigating risk, ensuring you're protected legally, and owning the result - which is to help you move from here to there with an exceptional experience because of a warm handoff.

We anticipate your moving needs and help you to coordinate with vetted vendors. Moving is stressful enough but moving to a new city or state can add a few more hurdles.

We care about making your transition to a new home as stress-free as possible. Call us for a free consultation!

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