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Cash flow is King! 

Great wealth has been created by investments in real estate over time.  Is it true that 90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate?  Maybe or possibly starting Facebook or Google.  However, if you can’t start a tech company, owning real estate is another great vehicle to make your money work for you and to create great wealth.  It’s an excellent way to diversify a stock portfolio and you can start with one simple single-family home or condo.


When your goal is to build wealth by accumulating real estate assets OR you want to sell some investments off to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor, you’ll want a real estate team that understands investments and is partnered with reputable qualified intermediaries for 1031 exchanges.


Sacramento’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area as well as its relative affordability make it a prime location to invest.  Rents are rising quickly because of a shortage of housing. 


Did you know you could invest through a 401k or a self-directed IRA?  Ask us how.

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