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Meet our professional team that will ensure your move will have the best outcome.

Michael Haigh Supreme Lending

Thinking of making a move?   Supreme Lending can help you understand all your choices.    If you already own a home you face the toughest challenge.  Should I sell my home first?  What if I don’t find a new home before I sell my home?    Can I turn this in to a rental property and buy a new home?  These questions, plus many more are likely to occur.  Below are just a few of the solutions available to you if you are thinking of selling a house.  

I want to sell my house in the future.   First I want to purchase, buy a new house and move , and then sell my house.  I don’t qualify for that much in mortgages, can you help?  If you have the cash for the down payment already,  we have solutions where you can exclude the debt of your existing mortgage with just a letter of intent to sell or rent it in the  near future.

All my cash is tied up in my house.   Is there a way to leverage that, but not sell my home till after I close escrow on my new property?

A bridge loan or cross –collateralized loan may be a great option if this is your situation.   We can access the equity in your property and have you come in with just closing costs or sometimes $0.  Once you sell your home , we will restructure the debt to put your permanent financing in place.

Many Bay Area residents are taking advantage of high rents and choosing to rent out their homes.   This potentially could be a great option if you have the money for a down payment and can cover your mortgage payments. At Supreme Lending, we have many loans from $1 up to $3 million that allow you to rent out your home and use a portion of the future rents to qualify, even if you have not been a landlord previously.  

Please reach out to Michael Haigh to help you with any financing or relocation needs you have.   He is a Bay Area transplant and has over 35 years of mortgage experience.

1810 Gateway Drive, Suite 230

San Mateo, CA 94404


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